The Music

Let’s face it, this is what is going to make or break your event…

You will be pleased to know that what we play is very client focused, where we endeavour to tailor the music to the occasion. So if you book us, we would ask you to specify in advance of your event which tracks you would particularly want played. We would download in advance any of those tracks that we haven’t got, and on the night blend in your requests with tracks that we think will work well, taking the audience into account.

Although all our DJs have the knowledge and back catalogues to play at most types of themed nights, where just one genre or era is played, at most events we use our versatility and experience to seamlessly mix genres to cater for audiences with varied music tastes. One of the things we are regularly complimented on is getting the musical balance just right and tickling all the guests’ musical taste buds.

We also ask for a list of tracks (or types of music) you won’t want played! First Dances from previous marriages have to be avoided more commonly these days, as are tracks that have been played at recent funerals. Our aim is not to upset anyone.

In summary, some clients like to choose most of what is played at their parties, some make just a few requests and some are happy to leave it all to us. We have no preference; the choice is yours.