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Tony and his team have done hundreds of weddings over the last 30 years. And that’s probably because, above all else, we keep our finger on the pulse where our clients’ wishes are concerned. It’s your once in a lifetime day and we feel we are here to enhance it, turning your dreams into reality!! We have a wealth of experience yet still have a passion and enthusiasm for what we do. All this will be evident if you book us for your big day! And here’s something you may not have thought of if you are having a traditional format wedding with a meal during the day and a party in the evening, and initially thought you only wanted a DJ for the evening…

We also offer an ALL DAY SERVICE, which is extremely popular. For this…

We set up before everyone’s arrival.

We can play background music through the drinks reception and meal (or in conjunction with a singer or musician).

We can coordinate the guests and yourselves entering the banqueting room and make other relevant announcements for a fraction of the cost of a Toastmaster (although we are also very happy to work with them!) because our DJs, many of whom have radio credentials, are well versed in linking wedding days articulately.

We can also provide a roving microphone for speeches which are then amplified through our sound system, essential when there are children!

Then, being already set up, we are all systems go to launch the party with no gap between the speeches and the start of the reception, waiting for the DJ to set up (which can not only look undesirable in front of your guests on such an important day, but typically takes about an hour, and seems longer, if, as often is the case, the timetable is running late).

The evening party is of course the time when all the formalities are over and you want everyone to celebrate. Typically, at weddings, audiences are at their most varied, in both age and music taste! The importance of playing the right music cannot be underestimated. And for that reason we have dedicated a whole page on this site to “The Music”. People talk for years after about wedding days. Sadly “a bad DJ” is often a topic of conversation. Be safe!! Book us, and be sure of achieving the ultimate party experience on your special day!